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Welcome to RTBT ArtBeat,

a global community united by the power of creativity and the rhythm of the human heart.


We are a diverse collective of artists, professionals, and enthusiasts from all walks of life knowing each other regarding Burning Man or gathering regarding crafts and arts, bound together by a shared vision of connection, growth, and fun.


Our journey with RTBT ArtBeat, the enormous heart installation, began in the fall of 2021. It started with an artist's dream to create a massive art installation as a gift for the entire Burning Man community. This project also serves as a communal stepping stone towards personal and professional growth through creativity while working on this expansive concept

We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of diverse perspectives, radical inclution.

With RTBT we want to create an accessible space to make art and creation more inclusive, where everyone feels welcome and comfortable participating.

We at RTBT ArtBeat are convinced that every person has the potential to be creative and enrich their life. By providing the opportunity to unfold in a safe and inspiring environment, we can transform not only individuals but the entire society.


The RTBT is the beginning of an "off-playa community benefit." We would like to involve the community in events, workshops, social engagements, and skill-sharing opportunities, in building the heart somewhere else, such as Africa Burn, Mexico, or Europe, or starting other parallel projects within the community - all under the same principles (10 Principles).

We want to integrate community-driven art projects, music projects, innovative technologies, skill-sharing, knowledge transfer, social engagement, & gifting. 

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