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Plans how to build

The plans to build the huge wooden art sculpture were developed & tested for 1000 working hours by 45 students of the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Wood Construction, Switzerland. Further development is now being carried out with amazing professional partners. The wooden materials used wood, align with overall safety during construction, transport, build, burn & strike. For fixing the structure, we are using heavy-duty ground screws (approx. 40 inch) provided by a supporting company. The screws can withstand significant loads, wind, & other natural forces (cost-effective & eco-friendly).

Will have two fire extinguishers on site in case of emergencies. Electrical hazards will be properly and visibly marked.


The wooden materials used combine spruce & larch wood in its construction. The special design of the polygon heart will be constructed with a plug-in coded by architect Miro Bannwart to calculate over 1000 individual wooden triangles for the unique design. The building is self-supporting, anchored to the ground with steel screws & will be lit with waterproof LED lights. Power supply options being considered are solar panels & batteries for sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability

Our RTBT Environmental Sustainability task force is working on plans: Use of renewable energy sources such as solar power to power the installations. Incorporating recycling or up-cycling materials into the construction of the installation.s We educate our entire community on how to properly dispose of any waste (for their private life) and also generated bythe installation, and provide waste management and recycling infrastructure on site. RTBT is designed to strike easily, with minimal impact to the environment. We will not burn RTBT. We are using natural and sustainable materials in the installation. Transportation & environmental sustainability can be a complex issue: We consider the possibility of eliminating transport by planning in Switzerland and manufacturing in the USA.

Leave No Trace Plan

We take the LNT very seriously & deeply respect mother nature. Exchanging knowledge with neighboring camps, artists and participants. Our Environmental Sustainability task force plans LNT & assignments, including proper disposal of trash, recyclables, or hazardous materials. Daily MOOP sweep crews, MOOP mat during construction and strike. Fine rakes for final grid sweeping of area and a dedicated LNT lead whose role is to manage and maintain LNT protocol. RTBT construction is a plug-in system assembled in advance in collaboration with Bern University of Applied Sciences in Wood Construction

week/. The entire (h)art installation doesn't have to be crafted on Playa, just plugged together. No sawing, screwing, or

hammering is needed. Clean manufacturing. We use ground screws that are made of steel that avoid other fundamental solutions that could pollute the ground and protect the playa.

Fundraising Plan

In collaboration with established NFT developers, we are creating a range of NFT digital assets. These tokens will act

as tickets to fundraising events, music and future events of the RTBT community. We have the plan to generate between $70.000.- and $100.000.- with this range of 3000 NFTs ($100.- for each asset). This project also serves as a way for our original patrons to make contributions to the project at a current balance of $300.000-500.000. Fundraiser Events on 25th of Feb 2023 for 600 people, Ticket sales go to the RTBT Art installation. Tickets raise $50 per head for the project making apptrox. $30,000.00. People have the opportunity to pay more for the ticket (up to $100.-) and thus support the project.

The event consists of workshops, art auctions, concerts, parties, merchandise, pop-up shops that will contribute extra

funds added to ticket sales.

(If you are interested in funding this amazing project. Please get in contact with us, to know more about the detailed budget plan.)

mail to: we(at)

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