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Physical Description

RTBT is a giant futuristic 39.4 feet tall wooden He(art) sculpture illuminated by LEDs inside and outside of theinstallation. The inside of RTBT offers shelter from sandstorms, heat during the day and cold playa nights. The He(art) provides niches and simple reclining sitting areas vertical and horizontal for approx. 6-8 humans. The inner world of the He(art) is covered with LED strips that hang down from the ceiling like a weeping willow tree. The hanging strips are also similar to curtains hanging down from the middle of the Installation. Between the hanging LED strips from the ceiling, in the center of the heart, there are four to six heart rate pulse sensors (pulse oximeters) attached to the end of the LED strip. Visitors can explore and translate their pulse and thus control a light and sound backdrop. This specific interaction can lead to a multisensory experience including visual and auditory

elements – the result varies depending on the human's physical heartbeat.


We aim to encourage the citizens of Black Rock City to engage with our interactive artwork, which is located inside the

wooden shell and within the dream-like anatomical area of the He(art). Visitors have the opportunity to connect to heartbeat pulse oximeters and interact with the artwork through various interactive mediums such as light, visuals, and music, which are influenced by each person's individual heartbeat rhythm." Don't you think it's exciting to combine your heartbeat with someone else's heartbeat and see what happens from that composition?

Visitors can actively become creators in sound and light, designing unique combinations of sound and light with their own heartbeat/rate or in combination with others. Building community cohesion through the process of collaboration, a community-driven art installation can bring people together and remind us to connect through creative energy as long as our heartbeats.

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