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All participants involved come from a wide variety of professions, interests, regions & ages. The philosophy behind RTBT is to enable people to educate themselves & others, share their knowledge & skills & at the same time have the possibility to create & build a strong connection throughout the community during this exciting & creative process.

As an example, one of our first and very active team members participated as an architect in our artwork & did a video workshop with us during the project week at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Wood Construction, Switzerland, as a documentation of this project. And because of this further training, they found a job in architecture journalism as a content creator journalist after 1 year of unemployment.

Our goal: Connect people through new creative paths for personal & professional growth while having fun.

With further investments, our vision is to develop deeper working relationships within that community.

To make art more inclusive & accessible, it's important to involve diverse community members in the creative process.

We aim to prioritize perspectives & experiences of marginalized communities, such as people of color, LGBTQIA+

individuals, people with disabilities, or women in art. With the heart, we want to actively seek out & amplify these voices, rather than relying on a dominant or mainstream narrative. Encouraging collaboration & co-creation can help to ensure that the art reflects the perspectives & experiences of a diverse range of people. With RTBT we want to create an accessible space to make art more inclusive, where everyone feels welcome and comfortable participating.

The Vision

The RTBT is the beginning of an "off-playa community benefit." We would like to involve the community in events, workshops, social engagements, and skill-sharing opportunities, in building the heart somewhere else, such as Africa Burn, Mexico, or Europe, or starting other parallel projects within the community - all under the same principles (10 Principles). We want to integrate community-driven art projects, music projects, innovative technologies, skill-sharing, knowledge

transfer, social engagement, & gifting. It's about strengthening the community, promoting people with new skills, expanding the network, and involving people who are not privileged or belong to marginalized groups, to connect larger networks around the globe.

"Camp Electric Cheese Land" since 2018

Offering interactions with swiss food specialties cheese fondue, raclette, a speedo bar & polish vodka night, swiss jodeling.

Our infamous "naked cheese nights" popular on & off playa. (8:45 E, BRC 2022)

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